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General Questions

About us

How can The Store Shack help me ?

How can i check that you are a Shopify Partner?

Are you only doing drop shipping stores or any type of stores?

Will you ask me for my account email and password?

How do i know you won't be accessing my store after you finish it?

After i buy a domain will you set it up for me?

Will you setup social media on my store?

Will you setup my Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on my store?

Are there hidden charges with the website design service?

Delivery and Payments

How can i pay?

Do you offer refunds?

Can you deliver faster than the usual delivery time?

As a client how do I know how my store is progressing?

Whom do I contact once i buy a bundle?

Will my store be “search engine” friendly?

What i need to do besides the bundles?

I will need to give you my shopify account mail and password?

Do i need to make accounts for the social media pages?

Will i need to setup the payments by myself?

Do i need to buy a domain all by myself?

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